Diamandis is a dynamic inspirational speaker described by many as “the best in the industry.” He was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.”

Diamandis delivers real value to his audience by showing them how to drive breakthrough thinking and innovation within their company in a fashion that delivers clear, measurable and objective results.

Below are three foundational keynotes he delivers on a regular basis to Fortune 100 companies, Boards of Directors and Heads of State. Note that each topic can be personalized to your company and industry. Diamandis can also combine elements of each of these three topics as desired.

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  • Topic 1: Exponential Tech: Innovation & Disruption on the Road Ahead

    The only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing. 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies are predicted to disappear in the next 10 years. Competition is no longer the multinational overseas; instead, it’s the exponential entrepreneur creating companies like Uber, Airbnb, DropBox, Oculus, Whatsapp, SpaceX and Tesla.

    Disruption is also coming from data-driven tech giants who are entering into adjacent fields: Google into the automotive industry, Apple into the music industry, Facebook into the global telecom industry, and IBM Watson into healthcare.

    As Dr. Diamandis will detail, much of this transformation is a result of rapidly accelerating exponential technologies such as Infinite Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Sensors, Networks, and Synthetic Biology. During this Keynote, you will get a real sense of exponential growth, the origins of Moore’s Law, and understand how the 6 D’s -- Digitization, Deception, Disruption, Dematerialization, Demonetization and Democratization -- will impact your products and services.

    Diamandis is the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Singularity University, the leading institution for the study of exponentially growing technologies. He counsels many of today’s Fortune 500 executive teams and world leaders on the impact of these technologies. In addition, Diamandis is the Founder or co-Founder of 17 companies using these exponential technologies to transform a number of industries.

    In this highly visual and powerful keynote, Diamandis gives the audience a true understanding of the immediacy of these disruptions. Today’s companies cannot remain stagnant. They must evolve or they will die. You are either disrupting your own business model or someone else will.

    This presentation will help you:

    • Understand the rate of technological change and where it’s going;
    • Understand how the 6 D’s -- Digitization, Deception, Disruption, Dematerialization, Demonetization and Democratization -- will impact your products and services.
    • Get an understanding of what is coming to market in the next 2 to 5 years, and how these technologies are converging to transform industries;
    • Visualize the disruptive power of exponentially growing technologies;
    • Identify opportunities to innovate and transform your own business model before someone else does.
  • Topic 2: Transforming Scarcity to Abundance

    Diamandis is the New York Times bestselling author of “ABUNDANCE – The Future Is Better Than You Think” (#1 on Amazon, #2 on NYTimes). In this book, Diamandis shows us how technology is turning areas of scarcity into abundance. This bold, contrarian view, backed up by exhaustive research, introduces our near-term future, where exponentially growing technologies (AI, Robotics, Sensors, Networks, 3D Printing, SynBio, etc.) and the power of the crowd are converging to better the lives of billions.

    This keynote is an antidote to pessimism. Diamandis examines human need by category — water, food, energy, healthcare, education, communication and freedom — and shows the audience detailed evidence on the revolutionary improvements in these areas over the past century. He addresses how a range of exponential technologies are transforming what was once scarce into abundance. Humanity’s grandest challenge is providing abundance, and this keynote addresses how we rise to meet it.

    As President Bill Clinton says, “Abundance shows us that while the headlines are really bad in the world today, the trend lines are pretty good. Extreme poverty is down. The health care is improving dramatically around the world. There are developments now which make me believe we might be able to do what we did in the 1990s, which is to use technological developments to create more jobs than we lose.”

    This presentation will help you:

    • Understand the “exponential road ahead”: where it is, and where it’s going;
    • Formulate how to transform scarcity into abundance and provide leadership with an enthusiastic view of the future;
    • Recontextualize the world’s grandest challenges as the world’s biggest business opportunities.
  • Topic 3: BOLD Thinking for an Exponential Organization

    Today a company’s success depends on mindset, its use of exponential technologies and the power of crowdsourcing. This keynote, based on Diamandis’ bestselling book BOLD, examines the approaches required to succeed during this exponential age.

    Where should a company be looking to grow 10x bigger, rather than 10-percent bigger? What does it take for a company to become an Exponential Organization? How do you become Uber rather than Kodak?

    Diamandis explains how a Massively Transformative Purpose can drive your organization’s culture and help you attract the best employees. He examines the innovation principles used by GoogleX’, and the power of bold, “moonshot” thinking. He details how entrepreneurial billionaires like Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson think -- and what strategies they use to scale and disrupt.

    Diamandis adds personal stories from his own moonshot companies: XPRIZE, which solves the world’s grand challenges through incentive competitions; Human Longevity Inc., which is transforming the healthcare industry and solving aging-related diseases; and Planetary Resources, which is making once-scarce resources abundant.

    This keynote will help you:

    • Create a culture of innovation and Moonshot thinking within your organization;
    • Identify areas in your company where you are going 10% bigger, rather than 10X;
    • Understand the key attributes of an Exponential Organization and evaluate the most important changes required to accelerate your growth;
    • Transform your organization’s mindset from “linear to exponential” and from “scarcity-minded to abundance focused”;
    • Craft a Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) to drive culture, inspire innovation and attract the best employees


  • "Peter Diamandis is one of the country's great entrepreneurs and thinkers. Peter is one of the most popular speakers at the TED conference and one of the most provocative thinkers of our time.”

    Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO of GE

  • "Peter's keynote blew me away. I've been presenting for years and do it for a living, and Peter is at the top of the game. His personality shines through and is extremely authentic. He is a pretty amazing dude!"

    Carlos Dominguez, Sr. Vice President, Cisco

  • "Peter Diamandis absolutely delivered our key messaging with a powerful and passionate presentation.  He truly is an inspiration and very dynamic.  During the two days of the summit following his opening keynote, many of our internal speakers reflected on his words.  He has such great passion."

    Johnson & Johnson

  • "Diamandis is one of the most passionate and dynamic speakers today. If you want to energize your senior management team and give them an understanding of the future, bring Diamandis in as your keynote speaker."

    Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor, California

  • “Peter's presentation is world-class. One of the best I’ve had the pleasure to watch. His passion and vision is infectious. Diamandis offers a critical perspective that everyone needs to hear. If you’re looking for someone to help you chart your future, Peter is the perfect choice."

    Sir Ken Robinson, Author, Speaker, and International Leader in Education & Creativity

  • "Dr. Peter Diamandis is a rare combination of visionary, CEO, scientist, storyteller, innovator and wizard. In his passion-driven, mind-stretching presentations, he can show you -- and your group -- how the alchemy of innovation actually works. More than any presentation I have seen in a very long time, Diamandis delivers both inspiration and a concrete understanding of how exponentially growing technologies will transform companies and industries over the coming years. His appetite for breakthrough ideas is matched only by his remarkable life experience in manifesting them."

    Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., Author, and Founding CEO of Age Wave

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